Disney Cruise Line Towel Art: Elephant

Disney Cruises are filled with magical moments.

From amazing activities and events on-board to the smallest details such as the fun towel animals you’ll find in your room.
The art of towelgami is a Disney Cruise Line tradition and now you can create your own!

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What You'll Need
  • 2 wash cloths
  • 1 hand towel
  • 1 rubber band
  • Various decorations
How to Make It
  1. Fold both length-wise edges of towel about one inch inward.

  2. Roll up each end of the towel toward the centre of the hand towel.

  3. Have both ends meet in the centre of the towel.

  4. Fold the rolled up hand towel in half with the centre cut of the towel facing outward.

  5. Secure with rubber band to make the "legs" of the elephant.

  6. Take your first wash cloth and secure the top. Next begin rolling each side's top corner diagonally toward the centre of the wash cloth.

  7. This should turn the wash cloth into a long, narrow "V" shape, which will be the "trunk" of the elephant.

  8. Slip the narrow end of the V-shaped wash cloth through the rubber band in front of the legs.

  9. Place the wider end of the "V" over the back of the legs and shape the narrow end of the "V" into a trunk. This forms the head and trunk of the elephant on top of its legs.

  10. With the second wash cloth, fold accordion-style with about 1/2 - inch folds.

  11. Fold the accordion in half to have the two ends meet to form a crease in the middle of the wash cloth.

  12. Take the accordion-fold towel and place on top of the legs and underneath the wider end of the “V” with the crease of the accordion-fold towel guiding your centre point. This forms the ears of the elephant

  13. Next secure the wide end up the V-shaped trunk by slipping it under the rubber bands that are also securing the elephant legs.

  14. Extend the accordion-fold towels to form big elephant ears and decorate as you see fit.

  15. Your towelgami elephant is now ready to brighten up your room (or next bath).

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