Dig For Apples At Your Own Risk

The Evil Queen had revenge on her mind when she conjured up a poisonous red apple to use on Snow White.

However a Halloween party game involving apples doesn’t need to be quite so scary. Try a twist on the classic bobbing for apples Halloween game and send the kids digging for apples.

Players: 2+
What You'll Need
  • Large, shallow tub
  • Plastic food container
  • Flour
  • Vegetable oil
  • Green apples and one red apple
  • Large plastic jewels, gems and beads
How to Make It
  1. Place a large, shallow tub in the spot where you want the kids to play the apple digging game. After the tub is full, it will be heavy and more difficult to move. Choose a safe place at an appropriate height for children.

  2. Measure eight large food containers full of flour into the tub, then add one container full of vegetable or canola oil. Repeat this until you have enough flour in the tub to easily cover one apple for each child.

  3. Mix and rub the flour and oil together with your hands until you have a soft, malleable mixture. This stage is fun for little ones to help with.

  4. Mix large plastic jewels, gems and beads into the cloud dough. These resemble the gems that the Seven Dwarfs mine for, and they also give the apple digging game a fun and colourful look befitting a Halloween party.

  5. Count how many children will be participating in the apple digging game. Bury one red apple and as many more green apples as needed to have one apple for every child. Make sure the apples are hidden deeply underneath the dough.

  6. When it’s time to play, the kids should dig into the dough with their hands to find an apple. They won’t know what colour the apple is until they pull it out. The one child who pulls out the red “poison” apple is the winner of the game.

  7. Wash the apples before letting the kids eat them. The flour and oil mixture is nontoxic and safe to eat, but it wouldn’t taste very nice.

  8. If you want to take the game one step further, the child who eats the poison apple can fall into a deep slumber, just like Snow White. The one who is able to awaken the sleeper must be a true love.

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