Baymax Pumpkin Template

Baymax can join in the Halloween fun too.

This simple Baymax pumpkin will look great at the centre of a spooky Halloween party.

What You'll Need
  • An orange or white pumpkin or squash.
  • White paint.
  • Scissors.
How to Make It
  1. If you’ve managed to find a white pumpkin you can skip this step. If you’ve got an orange pumpkin, paint the pumpkin white. It may need a few coats. Let it dry.

  2. Place the template over the pumpkin and secure in place with tape.

  3. Use a black marker to draw in the eyes.

  4. Remove the paper to reveal the eyes.

  5. If you want, you can even hollow out the pumpkin and eye holes to turn Baymax into a Jack O Lantern.

Cutting should be done by an adult.
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